Since 2013, Acorn have been managing the planned maintenance building services for the head office of Travelport.

Travelport is a very successful world service provider to the travel industry and their head office has been based in Axis Park for over 12 years.

Acorn have one full-time onsite technician who carries out the maintenance five days a week with continuous mobile support from the Acorn team.

We were successful in our original tender due to our proposed contract restructure to improve efficiency particularly reducing the amount of overtime which was being expended. Additionally we managed out the original resource who TUPE transferred in agreement with the client to improve service delivery.

As part of our original tender for the Travelport contract we identified a number of key elements that required improvement, subsequently these have enhanced our performance and our service reliability.

Acorn have formed excellent relationships with Travelport, significantly impressing them with the content of reporting, accessibility to information and our systems support.

We have carried out additional project works in a number of areas during the course of the contract, most notably being the strip out and replacement of critical air conditioning plant to the key server rooms.