Acorn Engineering Group have been involved with the Planet Mark since 2013 and year on year our statistics are improving.

The Planet Mark is an internationally-recognised and trusted sustainability certification programme recognising commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability. They measure our carbon footprint and environmental performance over a twelve month period which can then be analysed against the previous year’s statistics.

The carbon footprint is measured under three different scopes. Scope 1 is in relation to our fleet, scope 2 is our electricity usage and scope 3 combines our waste, water, travel and paper usage. Our biggest saving this year was in scope 1, we had a total of 20% reduction in our fleet emissions.

As a business, we are focussed on retaining this reduction in 2017 and are already carrying out several projects to enhance this.

One of these projects is to improve our recycling methods by increasing the amount of stations in our offices and also more detailed guidance to our employees.

Acorn Engineering Group are proud to be part of the Planet Mark and since have seen immense benefits to our business and our sustainability journey which we share with our clients.