This week has been the hottest in 20 years time so preparing your HVAC for the warmer months is crucial for ensuring the system runs efficiently through the this type of heat. HVAC systems consume up to 30% more energy if not maintained, which can send your utility bills through the roof in the heavy-use season.

Routine filter changes, clean coils and system testing can ensure your air conditioning unit is ready for the muggy heat of mid-summer.

We specialise in delivering innovative, practical and reliable air conditioning solutions, which fulfil our clients’ needs.

It’s a good idea to call in a professional HVAC engineer to check and service your system.

Our certified engineers can:
•             tighten the electrical connections, check fuses and circuit breakers and replace any worn wiring
•             will check and recharge refrigerant levels, since excess or too little refrigerant can affect performance
•             can also lubricate moving components, check for damage in hoses and condensate drains, etc

In case of damage or other issues, we can quickly conduct repairs to get the system summer-ready.

At Acorn, we conduct service, repairs and maintenance to ensure your HVAC remains reliable all summer long, contact us for more information on 01753 872560.