The nights’ are drawing in, there is a dew on the ground and the leaves are turning colour. If you’re questioning yourself on whether or not to get your boiler serviced, especially if you work in a commercial or industrial building, then the answer is yes you need to get it serviced and now is the right time before winter fast approaches.

Why do you need to have your boiler serviced? 

It Saves Lives - A faulty or damaged boiler can be extremely dangerous, especially if it’s in a building occupied by a large number of people. According to government statistics, around 4,000 people attend A&E with carbon monoxide poisoning each year.

Minimises fuel bills – One of our fully qualified and highly trained engineer will ensure that your boiler is running as efficiently as possible and isn’t using any more gas than it needs too, this will save you money, as well as decreasing your buildings carbon footprint.

Saves money on repairs - If you are making sure your boiler is running as it should be each year by one of our engineers, then it is less likely to break down for which you’ll have to pay for – and it could be quite expensive. An engineer will fix any minor issues if needs be as left unrepaired can cause significant damage and costs later on.

Keeps your building comfortable – There is nothing worse than a cold winter’s morning and you come into work to find the boiler has broken. Keep your employees, contractors and visitors happy with a regularly serviced boiler.

You stay legal - It’s true that businesses are legally obliged to keep their gas, LPG and oil installations and appliances maintained and always safe to use. They must always provide a gas safety certificate to prove that their boiler is running safely and efficiently.

If you are looking for a new M&E maintenance provider who will not only give you fantastic service but also go that extra mile, then contact Acorn today on 01753 872560.