Acorn has recently had a voltage optimisation unit installed into their head office in Slough to help both reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The system, which is an established, proven and reliable technology; has demonstrated that reductions are experienced immediately. Since installing the system into Acorn House back at the beginning of August, we have experienced an average monthly saving of 12.34% based on the initial two month period.

Voltage optimisation achieves energy savings by accurately controlling the incoming voltage, this ensures that it maximises energy savings for a specific voltage reduction without compromising the supply.

The voltage optiminsation systems control the incoming voltage therefore creating the business energy savings within the buildings. As the UK’s statutory supply voltage is set at between 216V and 253V, (the national average being around 242V) - this provides scope for significant savings, by setting the optimum level at 220V. The systems can also help to protect your electrical equipment. 

The reduction in voltage means less stress is being placed on your electrical equipment, which will help to prolong its lifetime and reduce maintenance costs in the long-term.

Savings will vary dependent on the individual site, but in our experience optimising your supply voltage to 225V or 220V can save between 5% and 15% in electricity consumption.