Our call out service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year providing the reassurance that help is quickly available should an emergency arise. Out-of-hours call notification is provided immediately to the duty team including immediate communication to our management.

To make it easy for you to contact the helpdesk, there is a single centralised telephone number available at all times. Additionally, we provide you with contact numbers of our senior management.

Call Out Procedure

During the call to the helpdesk, the correct skill set for the job is established. The team select an engineer who is familiar with the plant or equipment, skill-matched to the issue reported and closest geographically at the time. The selected engineer is notified to attend the call and provided with all available details of the call-out, plant and supporting information. The engineer attends the call-out and assesses the requirements to return the system to service.

We will provide you with industry standard four hour responses or an enhanced two hour response service. Our current measured level of service shows we are well within these response times.

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