Voltage optimisation (VO) is an established, proven and reliable technology that can not only help your business reduce both energy consumption and carbon emissions but will also save your company money.

Voltage Optimisation Benefits

One of the great benefits of voltage optimisation is that the energy savings and CO2 reductions are experienced immediately.

In addition to direct savings, implementing voltage optimisation also delivers

  • Protection of valuable electrical equipment against voltage spikes from the grid, transient suppression or even lightning strikes as an optional extra
  • Reduced carbon tax liabilities
  • Mitigates future energy cost increases
  • Extended life cycle of existing investments
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Installation process is simple and requires minimum downtime

Savings will vary dependant on the individual site, but in our experience optimising your supply voltage to 225V or 220V can save between 5% and 15% in electricity consumption.

Installing voltage optimisation technology can make a huge difference to your business.

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